Fulvic & Humic Acid Concentrate


Why You’ll Love it

Everything we need we can find in nature… but what if the soil that grows our food is depleted, what if it contains chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides?  How could this negatively effect our health and more importantly, how can we replace these key elements to allow our body to regenerate our health?
Who wants to hear about Humic & Fulvic Acid? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Humic & Fulvic Acids are nutrient-dense constituents of natural pre-historic soil deposits. 
Fulvic Acids are created from microbes breaking down ancient plant material, it works primarily as a detox for your system.
Humic Acid is complex molecules found in high concentration in layers of soil that used to be deepen the earth’s crust, but over many year have reached near the surface. Humic Acid acts synergistically with Fulvic Acid as a binder.

The Blend Humic & Fulvic Concentrate contains 75+ Trace Minerals, Amino Acids and Electrolytes; it is organically-harvested from ancient beds that are believed to be 80 million year old.

Humic & Fulvic work to rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides, it modulates the immune system, improves gastrointestinal function and reduces oxidative stress as associated with chronic health conditions.

There is no easier, more natural way to regain what is lost in our soil  than supplementing with Fulvic & Humic Minerals & Electrolytes.

Supplementing with Humic & Fulvic Acid Concentrate can:
              🌱  Strengthen the Immune System
              🌱  Detox Heavy Metals and Toxins
              🌱  Support Weight loss
              🌱  Balance Hormones
              🌱  Assist in Nutrient Absorption
              🌱  Aid in Cellular Hydration
              🌱  Restore Digestive Health
              🌱  Improve Cognitive Function

 Anyone can benefit from using Humic & Fulvic Acid Concentrate.
Children under 12 suggested dose
5 drops (1/2 that of an adult)
three times/day

Farming practices are not what they used to be. Farmers used to strategically rotate crops and use natural compost. We’ve experienced a decline in overall health since the introduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Convenient – easy-to-use dropper
Concentrated – 1 dose = only 10 drops
Taste – Flavourless Tincture
Cost Efficient – 240 doses per bottle
5-10x MORE concentrated than others
Tested – you can trust purity and quality


Fulvic Acid
Humic Acid
Purified Water


FREE from additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

Potent Macro-Nutrient Blend of 75+ Trace Minerals, Amino Acids and Electrolytes (Organic, Alkaline, Lab-Tested)

120ml (240 servings)

INGREDIENTS: Fulvic Acid (25% Concentration), Humic Acid (22% Concentration), Purified Water (as used for extraction process)

How to use Fulvic & Humic Concentrate

Add to Water

Add 10 drops Humic & Fulvic Concentrate in non-chlorinated water, 3 times/day
Children under 18: Add 5 drops Concentrate in non chlorinated water, 3 times/day



Foot Soak

For additional support, add 1 dropper (approx. 30 drops) Humic & Fulvic Concentrate to a basin of warm (non-chlorinated) water
Soak feet for min 20min. Pat Dry.
Did you realize the pores of your feet are some of the largest on the body and ideal for transdermal absorption?


Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis

Quality assurance and sourcing, as with any natural product, is very important.
This is especially so with a concentrated product such as Humic Fulvic Acid.
We take great pride to ensure our products meet the highest of standards and are tested regularly.

Medically Reviewed Everyday Health 
Many chronic diseases, like diabetes, can potentially be worsened by unhealthy, mineral-deficient diets, so healing the gut through healthy nutrition and supplements like fulvic acid may have promise… Fulvic acid may help increase the number of good bacteria and restore gut bacteria to healthy levels… Depending on the specific formulation, these compounds are believed to bind to specific toxins, like endotoxins in the gut or heavy metals in the body, to prevent their reabsorption and aid elimination… Inflammation is the body’s natural defense system against illness and infection… Previous research has shown inflammation is directly related to conditions such as asthma, allergies, and eczema, along with many other disorders that are characterized by overactive immune cells… The Journal of Diabetes Research review suggests fulvic acid may support immunity by decreasing proinflammatory markers. Therefore, fulvic acid may be effective in treating health issues associated with inflammation, in addition to diabetes, those researchers have hypothesized.”


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