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Why You’ll Love it

The ultimate goal of taking any health supplement is achieving Homeostasis (when the body reaches a stable, healthy state and is functioning at optimal level), this is where inflammation, stress, anxiety and insomnia are naturally regulated and under control.
‘The Blend’ Hemp Oil was created with this same Holistic Healing approach.

Dosing (‘micro-dosing’ actually) for ‘The Blend’ Hemp Oil is 3-5 drops under the tongue once or twice/day.
Yes, you read that right, 3-5 drops, under the tongue, is one dose!
Micro-dosing is possible due of the clean extraction, exceptional quality and the addition of nutritional drivers and medicinal terpenes.

For best results, consistency is key, what you’re looking for is  small shifts in your health over the first few weeks of using (small shifts tend to be more long-lasting).

In a nutshell, what is it that makes ‘The Blend’ Hemp Oils unique?
It’s MORE than the addition of nutraceutical drivers, 60 medicinal terpenes and small easy-to-absorb nano particles – the COMBINATION and synergy of all this, blended together, is why this is the one of the most efficient, yet economical Hemp Oils on the market.

Any adult who is looking for help with pain, inflammation, insomnia, improved gut health and immune system. As with any natural product, if you are taking prescription medication, you should consult with your HCP.

We LOVE Hemp!
There is a need for a safe, reliable Hemp Oil that is MORE than just CBD, a unique product that can be Micro-dosed so it’s easier on your system. We created The Blend to do MORE while using LESS.

We know you want a Hemp Oil that you can trust, from someone you can talk to; you need it to be cost-effective per dose and still be effective – and one that will not get you high (and if you do, well… you’re on the wrong website).









Clean-extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
with the powerful combination of Turmeric, Frankincense & Myrrh.

? so pure one dose is 3-5 drops

30ml / 1oz Bottle

INGREDIENTS: Turmeric, Frankincense, Myrrh, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, 60 Medicinal Terpenes

How to use The Blend ‘Extra’ Hemp Oil

Under the tongue (sublingual) – the best, most efficient delivery method

Dose = 3-5 drops, under the tongue, hold until completely dissolved
Take one dose, consistently, every day.

If your are not seeing desired results, take another dose in the evening.

note: since there are no energizing oils in the ‘Extra’ Hemp Oil, it is fine to take morning, afternoon or night (unlike the ‘Plus’ which we suggest not taking at night since the ingredients can have an energizing effect).

a Doctor explains...

– What is Hemp CBD?

– Is it safe?

– How can it help me?


Videos worth watching ...

A look at Cannabinoids…

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are compounds found in the cannabis plant, they have been shown to have many amazing, medicinal properties.
To date, at least 113 different Cannabinoids have been identified.
The two most well-known are
– CBD (Cannabidiol) has more anti-inflammatory effects
– THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) can have a psychoactive effect

Why are they important?

Let’s focus on CBD, which has been shown to help with such health issues as pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, headaches as well as over-all well-being and cognative issues as well.
Although THC can be used for pain, I have seen extremely low THC products (from Hemp) that work extraordinarily well (without the possibility of feeling high).
For anxiety, high levels of THC can, in some people, have the unwanted effect of increased anxiety, racing heart rate and paranoia.
We cannot forget about all the other Cannabinoids (see chart on the right), these compounds are found together, naturally in the plant, for a reason – Cannabinoids work synergistically, each doing their own little jobs, helping us get closer to our health goals.
In my experience, a ‘Full Spectrum’ low THC Hemp product with drivers and additonal terpenes can have astounding beneficial effects that can, holistically, help the body reach Homeostasis.

Is there a difference between Cannabinoids from Hemp or Marijuana?

Great question!
First let me explain that Hemp and Marijuana are both species of the ‘Cannabis’ family.

Hemp has very little (less than .3%) THC
Marijuana will have more (up to 25%) THC

Cannabinoids (and terpenes and flavonoids, which are other components of the Cannabis plant) are EXACTLY the same, and have the same medicinal benefits, regardless if they are are derived from Hemp or Marijuana plants.

Where else in nature can I find Cannabinoids?

All mammals have an Endocannabinoid System (which produces and is activated by Cannabinoids)
Did you know we actually produce Cannabinoids in our body (called ‘Endocannabinoids’)?
I bet you’d be surprised to know human breast milk contains cannabinoids? It’s true!
We can also get Cannabinoids from plants, these are called ‘Phytocannabinoids’
Phyto-(in nature)-Cannabinoids can also be found in some flowering plants and species of mushrooms.
Studies show Cannabinoids (via the Endocannabinoid System) regulate a broad range of biological functions, including memory, mood, our brain reward system, drug addiction, as well as metabolic processes such as lipolysis (how we store or use fat), glucose metabolism (important for Diabetics), and energy balance as well.


Why are there so many Cannabinoids in ‘The Blend’ Hemp Oil?

Clean-extracted oil retains the most beneficial compounds (Cannabinoids being one), that work together as nature intended.
A ‘Full Spectrum’ Oil means there are not any beneficial components removed in processing (as with ‘Isolate’ in which ONE compound is extracted from the plant).
Isolate, in contrast to a Full Spectrum Oil, contains only ONE ‘isolated’ compound (CBD), it lacks all the other (600+) natural and beneficial compounds as found in nature.
This is why, for an effective, low-micro-dose product, there is no comparasin to a pure, Full Spectrum Oil!

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 100% Natural – Guaranteed!

What are you putting in your body?

Look at the labels…

Does your Hemp Oil contain terpenes?

Are there additional Drivers/Neutraceuticals?

Is it Nano/Lipisomal (small bio-available molecules that are easily absorbable)?

You can TRUST ‘The Blend’ products to be safe, clean and pure!

You’ve got my PROMISE!