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 Research articles and Studies show how Hemp Oil can help Alzheimer’s

CBD Oil protects the brain against neural circuits, improves memory and learning, decreases inflammation and has beneficial antioxidant effects.

“Endocannabinoid signaling appears to be “essential to a number of molecular and cellular events important for learning and memory.” 219 Characterized by a progressive mental deterioration that starts in middle or old age and linked to genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors, Alzheimer’s disease results in loss of memory, language, and cognitive skills. While indica strains of cannabis have been used historically to calm patients and help mediate symptoms of the illness, new science shows that the disease is strongly connected to the endocannabinoid system, and, with the re-emergence of CBD medicine, it is likely that cannabinoid-based treatments will become more standard. In fact, such treatments are showing promising results for a number of brain-related since cannabinoids protect against the destruction of neural circuits through several processes: neutralizing free radicals, reducing inflammation, improving function of mitochondria, clearing of beta amyloid, and clearing away of cellular debris. 220 In 2004, scientists noted CBD’s protective, anti-oxidative, and anti-apoptotic effects on the brain that result in a reduction of neurotoxicity caused by amyloid buildup. 221 Noting the synergistic potential of cannabis constituents like CBD and THC, researchers five years later wrote: The great therapeutic value of CBD, either given alone or in association with THC, derives from the consideration that it represents a rare, if not unique, compound that is capable of affording neuroprotection by the combination of different types of properties (e.g., anti-glutamatergic effects, anti-inflammatory action, and antioxidant effects) that almost cover all spectra of neurotoxic mechanisms that operate in neurodegenerative disorders (excitotoxicity, inflammatory events, oxidative injury, etc.).”

Leinow, Leonard; Birnbaum, Juliana. CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis–Healing without the High (p. 97). North Atlantic Books

Alzheimer’s Disease & the Endocannabinoid System

An informative article discussing how cannabinoids show promise for treating neuro-degeneration and improving cognitive function

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