If you do not take time

for your health today ~

You will be forced to make time

for your illness tomorrow

Debbie Cornelius

Culinary Nutrition + Wellness Coach, Medical Cannabis Educator

Years ago, working as a Corporate Brand Manager, I did not much value my health, I did not take time to learn what a breakfast of Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts, lunch from a restaurant, a chocolate bar as a snack and dinner made from a package could eventually do to one’s health.After I had kids things got a bit better, I started making my own Kombucha, coconut yogurt, and focusing on organic, farm-fresh produce and local clean food. I started to feel better, brown spots disappeared from my skin, the whites of my eyes were brighter and not yellow, bloating was no longer an issue and I was beginning to not feel tired ALL-THE-TIME.

‘I enrolled to be a Culinary Nutrition Expert, and started taking what would be many courses to further my Health and Nutrition Education.

Massive Set-Back
In 2014, I had a huge set-back, one I will always be working on for the rest of my life. I had a reaction to methyl-parabens and chemicals. Several months seeing doctors, allergists and testing found nothing. I was virtually unrecognizable, my face was red and swollen, often one eye swollen shut, I was covered in hives and painful raw rashes – my body literally felt like it was burning from the inside out.
The only relief I had was taking 65mg of Prednisone daily (I was told ‘for the rest of my life’).
Not giving up, it was Naturopathic Doctors that eventually had the answer – my body had hit a breaking point in response to the years of chemicals, dyes, preservatives it had been exposed to, my organs were no longer able to flush them out and my natural detox system was failing – all this was being presented through my skin.
A FIVE day allergy test called a ‘Patch Test’ consisting of adding squares of 100+ toxic chemicals to my back was the key to finding the cause, and eventually, the solution.

Lots of detoxing and replacing ALL shampoos, conditioners, hand soaps, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, make-up, synthetic candles and air fresheners that I was able to completely come off my medication.  To this day, I am still medication free!

Because my system was compromised, I remain hyper-sensitive and react immediately to these things – I will go to great lengths to avoid contact with additives, chemicals, preservatives, parabens and fragrances.

Working with Hemp
It was when I began working with Naturopaths and Nutritionists, in the Holistic Health space, that we started to notice our clients who were using CBD from Hemp were have the most amazing experiences, their inflammation seemed to disappear, their energy increased and gut health improved; they were able to turn their health around much easier.

A very good friend, and now business partner Lesley and I started to dive deep into educating ourselves to find the BEST Hemp choices for our clients, we were impressed at seeing the positive effects it was having on virtually ALL our clients.

Upon hearing Canada was initialing a Medical Cannabis program, I was excited (well that’s actually an understatement – I was ecstatic)!

THIS is my wheelhouse, my passion, I was ALL IN, taking every Medical Cannabis Course I could find, educating myself to the highest level at that time.

Fortunate to find R&D Labs who were able to make amazing products, our focus was strictly on Hemp (as our clients did NOT want the ‘high’ associated with a THC product).

Instructions to our formulators were simple “create us products that WORK, that are 100% clean, with absolutely NO harmful preservatives, additives, colours, artificial fragrances or fillers” and so they did – and here we are!

Thank you for reading this far ~ I am grateful and you are here!


Academy of Culinary Nutrition
Cannabis Fundamentals Certification
Green Flower Institute
History of  Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis Institute

Pharmacology of Cannabis
Physiologic Effects of

Clinical Practice
Insomnia, Glaucoma
& Immune Disorders

Clinical Practice
Cancer & Pallative Care

Endocannabinoid System
Medical Cannabis Institute

Delivery and Dosage
of Cannabis Medicine
Medical Cannabis Institute
Clinical Practice III
Movement & Degenerative
Cannabis Use Disorders
and Precautions
Basic Cannabis Ethnbotany
Medical Cannabis Institute
Clinical Practice
Cannabis Use for Pain
Medical Cannabis Institute

Mental Health & Potential Psychiatric Applications
Medical Cannabis Institute 

“I have had this inflammation in my hip. It was making sitting very uncomfortable and walking with a limp. So one day I decided to give the ‘magic’ roller a try… it was instantaneous relief. The first minute even it felt like it took the edge off. On a scale of 1 to 10, let’ say it was a 10, this brings it to a 2 or 3.
Thanks Debbie

Louise, Kitchener  ON

“I wanted to thank you for introducing me to these amazing products years ago! In feb 2017, I started taking the Blend to help with my balance and lack of energy do to my MS. I take 1/4 dropper twice a day. I feel like my ill symptoms and aches and pains melted away. I am more alert, more energy. In March 2019 I had hip replacement surgery due to degenerative arthritis, I continued to take the Blend and put Magic roller on my stitches, It improved my scarring, healing and I never felt any pain or itchy pain that other with the same surgery told me they felt. Bth my husband and my daughter take it now too. We are all very happy with your products.”


Lynn, Grimsby ON

“Recently met husband said to me, I haven’t heard you laugh in 5 years. The difference is me being off my anti-anxiety and depression medications. I now feel. I feel joy, sadness and everything in between. It has been such a pleasure to be able to cry when I know I should be, whether it be for happy events or sad ones. I am choosing joy and it’s because of this hemp blend. I feel human again instead of feeling like a zombie.”

Stephan,  Calgary AB

“Debbie gave me a sample a few days ago and I can’t believe the difference. I have slept 2 nights without my compression gloves and last night even without my socks. Didn’t need a sleeping pill or pain pill. I am over the moon about this hemp product.”

Laura, Hamilton ON

“I am so glad I booked an appointment with Debbie, all the products look amazing and I couldn’t decide. She not only took the time to help me find what I feel was the best choices for me, but she also gave me a sample for my Mom to try for her chronic fibromyalgia, my Mom loves the Magic and it really helps her. we are both grateful.  Thank you”

Anne A Toronto, ON

“I tore my meniscus almost 7 mos ago and have been in chronic pain since. Drs won’t repair it as they said arthritis set in as well.  I’m told that if they do try to repair it, it will only exacerbate the arthritis pain. There is lots of other associated damage in the knee as well, including a cyst.  I tried oil from the new pot shop, and what a waste of money that was. It did nothing.
Then I found Debbie.  We agreed that the topical Magic,, along with the hemp drops should be tried. I started micro-dosing 3 drops 2x daily, morning and late afternoon, and putting the topical on as needed. I’m on day 3 and all I can say is WOW! Such a difference. I have to say I was mildly skeptical but thought I had nothing to lose. What I did lose was the pain and am blown away. I feel great, am getting range of motion back, can walk so much better, but still cannot do stairs- yet! I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a weeks time, and in a months time. After only 3 days!! My Goodness! An added bonus – I’ve been  sleeping like  a log. THANK you Debbie

Jan, Ajax ON

“I have been taking The Blend since May of this year. I’ve lost 30 pounds so far. i feel so good about myself I watch what I eat and walk more now. i sleep much better and have no joint pain anywhere. i originally went on the drops for anxiety and sleeping but the weight loss is a bonus.I feel better than I have in 10 years. Thank you Debbie.”

Allan K, Niagara ON